love and money

Love always affects your bottom line. Period.

Whether it’s the love you have for yourself shining through as the confidence to go after your dreams…

Or whether it’s the love you have in your relationships supporting you as you build your dreams…

Or whether it’s the love you have for the work you’re doing everyday to achieve your dreams…

Love (or the lack of it) affects every mood you have, every action you take and ultimately how much money you make.

So why aren’t you using love to build your dreams?

Love is the solution to successfully achieve your goals and build a life-style friendly life you love.

Since you can never outperform how you think, feel or believe about yourself, the results you are experiencing right now in your life are a direct reflection of how much love you are giving and receiving to YOU. This isn’t my opinion. This is a scientific fact.

So if you want to take your life to the next level – a level where you get to do what you love and not hurt your mind, body or loved-ones to get it – you start with love. I know it may be an unconventional approach but it’s the holistic approach and one that creates success – YOUR WAY WITHOUT ALL THE STRESS OF DOING IT THEIR WAY – that sticks for good.

Love is also the solution because I believe there is more to success than money and power. If you create a material life that requires you to constantly sacrifice time with your family and friends, doesn’t allow for your creative passions or time for you to take care of yourself, then you don’t have a LIFE-STYLE FRIENDLY LIFE YOU LOVE  and are therefore not truly successful.

I am committed to offering my expertise, creativity and courage to inspire and empower people to create lives they love in a harmonious, loving and balanced way. This is why I’m offering a complementary one-on-one powerful coaching session to heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to create a successful business (or take things to the next level) without stress on their family, creativity and well-being so they can have life-style friendly lives they love.

Come discover the difference a powerful coaching conversation can make in your life today by requesting one of the remaining sessions with me HERE.

Hear what others are saying about FLY Coaching!

Estelle Shaw

“I had the opportunity to work with Rosanna during a very transitional time in my company. She was able to get me to focus on two main goals as opposed to being distracted by everything that needed to be done in a small business. I’m happy to say that by pulling back on all the extra stuff and really getting specific I have been able to accomplish both of these goals in a very short time. It feels amazing to be moving forward with clarity!” – Estelle Shaw, Celebrity Personal Trainer and CEO Fitness Flower, Hermosa Beach, CA

“I’ve worked with Rosanna for over a year and witnessed amazing results! She’s so knowledgeable about how to use your greatest assets – your creativity, well-being and relationships – to successfully bring your dreams to reality. Her approach is holistic, tailored to you and fun. Get ready to achieve your dreams faster than ever!” – Vivan Lum, Attorney and CEO Blue Green Preservation and Development, Manhattan Beach, CA
music pic“My experience working with Rosanna has helped me focus on what’s important when it comes to my two passions: childcare and singing. I feel more centered, aligned, and focused on what really matters!  She’s very easy to talk to and I would highly recommend her to anyone open to changing their life for the better.” – Lisa Matamoros, Singer and Childcare Provider
Leslie Yick Photo“Since meeting Rosanna, I’ve developed a fresh and ultimately more rewarding image of myself, my capabilities, and my life.  My self esteem is no longer tied to the way my body looks or other people’s opinions of me.  Rosanna is more than a coach and a mentor.  She is a friend that cares about your success in life.  She connects with you on a real, down to earth level, all while throwing some fun into your sessions!” – Leslie Yick, UC University Student

30 Days and Still No Hair

I approached my last seven days of Dr. Amy Myers’ 30-Day Protocol with enthusiasm. The weight loss I’ve been experiencing is something I hadn’t seen in over a decade. Ever since my mid-twenties, I’ve battled my weight – at least, it felt like a war raged against myself. Once easily thin and active, I ate healthy but I ate whatever I wanted too.

Interestingly, I’ve since noted that my weight battle began when I decided to be as thin as the day I entered college – 115 pounds. It was my belief that I looked my best then.

The problem is I was easily and naturally 120 pounds so I decided to lose five pounds. I look back at my inability to just be happy with my amazing body (yes, you can also choose to love […]

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I was successfully on Day 21 of my Thirty-Day Protocol from Dr. Amy Myers’ best selling book, The Autoimmune Solution, when I faced dinner plans with a large group of friends for a bachelorette party. A limo was involved and we were heading out of our South Bay bubble and eating out in Santa Monica, California instead.

When I initially agreed to come out to celebrate, I hadn’t even heard of Dr. Myers so I had no idea that I would be doing this healing experiment. But here I was in the midst of it and I had an important choice to make.

I knew that I was going to be spending an expensive night out to basically not eat much nor drink at all. Then I thought I may be on an anti-inflammatory diet but […]

Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. - Maya Angelou

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