• "Exciting from start to finish, and with a fantastic and unexpected ending."


"Terrific first installment to this trilogy."

Ms. Bliss


"Hard to put down. . .

Enough so to cause me to read it twice!"

Mark Berggren


"A new and exciting take on a traditional mob story.

I can't wait for the next book!"

Regalia Thomas

Giacomo's Daughter

They thought the Detroit Mob War was about money...

They were wrong.

Max Denaro is a top guy in the most powerful Italian Mafia family called the Scalici Squad. So whatever Max wants, he gets.

And the notorious Detroit mobster wanted Sofia Spera since he first laid eyes on her singing her heart out on stage at the grand opening of the Book-Cadillac Hotel.

Once married to the mob, nobody, including her over-protective father, Giacomo, can keep her safe from the life-threatening danger that comes along with being Mrs. Denaro.

To stay alive, Sofia must use the only weapons available during the Roaring Twenties - her smarts, sexuality, and stellar aim. 

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""Giacomo's Daughter" will appeal to fans of organized crime and historical fiction alike."

Blueink Review


First-rate historical fiction.

Kirkus Reviews


A great, nuanced take on a character that hasn't been written about.

Martin Berishaj

About the Author


I couldn't put it down once I started reading.

Gayle Jones


“I couldn’t put it down! This was a fantastic read that I burned through on vacation.”

Eva Fredrickson


Definition of girl power!

Kelly McKnight